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The Cast

Our instructors are not only certified fitness professionals but also seasoned performers with a passion for pole artistry. They bring a wealth of experience to the studio, ensuring that each class is not just a workout but a captivating journey into the world of pole dancing. From strength-building exercises to fluid choreography, our instructors guide you through a comprehensive and enjoyable fitness experience.

A Philly native rose, Jinx honors her femininity through performance. With the Art of pole the visualization of beauty in its most unalloyed form. “Join me to experience the athleticism and delicacy of dance at millionaire social.”

As a Charismatic Performer, Sapphire brings passion to life. As an instructor her innovative approach produces precise movement to support the development of her students. “Join me at millionaire social for the most enticing experience.”

Jada Morgan, a rising singer-songwriter from St. Louis, Missouri holds a Bachelor's in the Arts with a concentration in theater, shaping her into a multifaceted artist. Jada Morgan blends charisma, innovation, and passion into her performances. Charming and personable, she effortlessly lights up any room, leaving an unforgettable mark. Jada's unique talent lies in being a creative showstopper, aspiring to evoke a range of emotions in her audience. As a socialite, Jada Morgan is not just a musician; she is a vibrant force, driven by a genuine love for the arts and a commitment to delivering “an unparalleled, unforgettable Millionaire Social experience.”

While taking pole lessons as an undergraduate at NCAT, Shija exercised liberation and empowerment. she uses pole as a release of energy to build me in both confidence and passion. Our audience will feel moved and empowered as well. “Envision, create and believe in your own universe, and the universe will form around you”. Join me at Millionaire Social as I enchant the audience with my charisma and sensuality.”

Dolce is sweet like sugar with fierce determination for performance. Each step will have you pondering what is next. Dolce has been studying pole arts for three years. “Join me in my glory, I welcome you to the Socialite experience. xoxo”

Kalore is the ultimate entertainer and performer. With 14+ years of dance history from hip hop, jazz, ballet, modern dance and a little bit of tap dance . Experience what music is like for Kalore with her explosive performances. As an instructor she wants her students to embody their inner sexy and feel good inside and out! “Join me at millionaire social to experience divine art”. 

As the embodiment of Divine sensual art, and an experienced traveler who plans on mesmerizing with her magnetic sensual magick. Join us as Conscious shares unique talents of sacred dance and performing arts. “At Millionaire Social I unapologetically take over the stage and woo’s the audience with my alluring flows on and off the pole.”

From trained dance to Competition, performance has always been an integral part of her career. Communicating passion through form Milanni will bring the energy. “Join me at millionaire social for an enticing experience.”

As an instructor Lotus supports the power of sensuality to help you meet the world of wonder.  From her years of entertainment in Pole, Lyra and Fire Play you can find her at the intersection of passion meets the circus. “I’m Lotus, I’m kinda bendy with a healthy list of skills, and I can surely keep anyone entertained and I’m only just beginning. Join me at Millionaire Social to be transported in exhilarating art of form and a spectacle for all to see.”

Get stretchy, Set feel good intentions, and reach goals. Aurora sets the fundamentals of your strength for your growth. Aurora believes entertaining is the most vital aspect to performance art. When she performs watch her alluring aerial acrobatics to pyrotechnics and contortion. “Join me at Millionaire Social for true captivation and awe.” 


Kalore- Essential Movements, Cabaret and Heels

Sapphire- Beginner Pole, and Beginner Cabaret
Lotus- Pole level 2&3, Lyra, and  Stretch&Flow

Aurora- Pole level 2&3, Ly
ra, and  Stretch&Flow

Conscious- Pole Level 1,
 2, and 3

Every Saturday Beginning Feb. 10th, 2024
Line Dance Fitness with The Addiction 

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Line Dance Fitness (1).jpg


To provide the big 3: Hospitality, Excitement and Innovation. An exceptional, upscale experience that exceeds expectations. Our goal is to alter the standards that are associated with night life entertainment.






Individual experiences tailored to

One's Personal


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